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     About Inelt

     Energy fuels the civilization of human beings. Its use has heavily affected the natural environment, and thus hindered the existence and development of human society. The significant environmental and climate change challenges brought by energy development has resulted in worldwide concerns and international call for immediate actions. The Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology (INELT) was established in November 2011 in response to this international call as well as to propel the development of low-carbon economy and to contribute to our national needs of constructing a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Drawing upon Sichuan University’s multi-disciplinary resources and expertise, INELT aims to become the first-class research platform that integrates environmental science and engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science and engineering, life sciences, hydrology and hydropower engineering, civil engineering, economics and management sciences. 

     INELT currently focuses on the exploitation of unconventional underground energy source(e.g., shale gas), solar power, biomass, new energy-storage materials, low-carbon urban development, low-carbon economy, policy and management, utilization and storage of carbon dioxide, energy conservation and emission reduction, and catalytic combustion. A considerable number of research achievements are in leading position domestically and internationally.  

    INELT has established partnerships with Sinopec, PetroChina, Shenhua Group, Guizhou Wengfu to promote the engineering and industrialization of basic research in new energy and low-carbon technologies. In May 2013, Sichuan University and Sinopec signed a collaborative framework agreement to build a “Sichuan University-China Petrochemical Research Initiative of CCU and CO2 Mineralization.” They jointly launched the “The industrial demonstration of flue gas CO2 direct mineralization with solid waste phosphogypsum, project location on Puguang natural gas field”. 

    INELT emphasizes the “original innovation” and “introducing and absorption” in its research efforts and strives to form distinct characteristics in the theoretical, technological, and industrial aspects. INELT aims to gradually develop into a solid low-carbon economics and technology research base with international influence. INELT’s overall mission is to realize ecological civilization and to promote the coordinated development of humans, society, and nature.

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