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CCU program in Singapore; & Hydrotalcites as the CO2 adsorbents
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报告题目: CCU program in Singapore;  & Hydrotalcites

as the CO2 adsorbents 

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CCU program in Singapore;  & Hydrotalcites as the CO2 adsorbents


Professor LIU Yan is a Senior Scientist in Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, A*Star, in Singapore, a Team Leader in Material Synthesis Team under Heterogeneous Catalysis Group. She graduated from Zhengzhou University in 1995 with Master degree in Chemistry, obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1998 at Tianjin University and then carried out postdoctoral studies at State Key Laboratory of Catalysis in Dalian with Prof LI Can, worked in ICES since 2001. Dr LIU Y has published near 100 articles in journals and proceedings (ChemSusChem,Journal of Catalysis, J Phys Chem C, Langmuir, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Appl Catalysis A and B, Catalysis Today, Catal Commun, RSC Advances, Catal Lett, etc). Industrial collaborations are very important to the institute, ICES. Dr LIU has been in charge of two long term collaboration projects with Mitsui Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemicals, the top chemical companies in Japan. Within 10 years, she got 5 international patents as inventor and contributed to another two patents.Her research interests were in the fields of Nano functional Materials, in situ Characterization Techniques, Applied Catalysis, CO2 Capture and Utilization, C1 Chemistry, Biomass Conversion, Clean energy, Fine Chemicals, and so on.    


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